Scholarships Supporting two of our Partners

EducAid is a UK registered charity that runs an educational network comprising of free schools, teacher training, and tertiary programmes in Sierra Leone. We have supported them in various ways in the past. They have established a relationship with UNIMAK to provide degree level education for their staff. EducAid has become an outreach section of the UNIMAK Business, Administration & Management ... continue reading ...

University of Makeni

The University of Makeni, UNIMAK
The University of Makeni, UNIMAK

The University of Makeni began life as The Fatima Institute and opened in September 2005 with the aim of promoting faith and the economic, social, political and religious development of the people of Sierra Leone and beyond. Located in the city of Makeni, in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone, the university was the brainchild of Rt. Rev. Dr. George Biguzzi, Bishop Emeritus of the Catholic Diocese ... continue reading ...

Holy Spirit Hospital, Masuba

IMG_0810In a country where there is an average of 4 qualified doctors for every 100,000 people, Holy Spirit Hospital offers the population of Makeni and the surrounding district uniquely excellent medical facilities with three fully qualified and experienced doctors of medicine, backed up by 50 nursing and supporting staff, who treat 300 in-patients and 1500 out-patients per month.

The facilities include ... continue reading ...

St Joseph’s School for the Hearing Impaired

Students receive vocational training at St Joseph's
Students receive vocational training at St Joseph’s

Since 2009 we have been working closely with one of the best schools in Makeni, St Joseph’s School for the Hearing Impaired.

St Joseph’s is a very special school, started in 1979, destroyed in the civil war of the 90s, & lovingly re-established in 2003. Care and education is provided for 251 hearing impaired students aged 3 to 18, who are often marginalized or rejected. The school provides ... continue reading ...

St Anthony’s School, Yifin

St Anthony's Secondary School, Yifin
St Anthony’s Secondary School, Yifin

The Koinadugu district in the north is one of the poorest of the country: eight people out of ten live in poverty (using the U.N. index). Health condition is one of the worst in the Country, due to the lack of structures and the low level of education. Yifin, a village situated at the extreme north of the Koinadugu district, is still suffering all the consequences of being completely destroyed during ... continue reading ...

Dignity for the Blind

Dignity for the Blind is the new name for a self-help group who used to call themselves “The Blind Beggars Association”.

The Makeni group of blind beggars whose motto is: "Sight is Wealth"
The Makeni group of blind beggars whose motto is: “Sight is Wealth”

The group consists of about 60 families where the principal carer is blind. They meet regularly on Saturday mornings to pay in to a hardship’ fund –just a few leones each week- and this money saved can be used by them in the future, to cover funeral expenses, medical bills ... continue reading ...

Bombali School for the Blind, Panlap

Morning assembly at Bombali School for the Blind at Panlap
Morning assembly at Bombali School for the Blind at Panlap

The Bombali School for the Blind at Panlap, about 5km north of Makeni, caters for 43 primary school children and accommodates another 17 who are integrated into mainstream secondary education. It currently has a waiting list.

The school was originally situated in a disused abattoir, which still today houses the dormitories and dining area. New classrooms have been built, but the school remains in ... continue reading ...