Water supplies

Boreholes for fresh water

St Joseph's students collecting water
St Joseph’s students collecting water

We hadn’t been in Makeni long before we realised that everyone had a problem finding fresh, clean drinking water. Jonathan worked at Holy Spirit Hospital for a month and when the water ran out in the dry season they had to buy river water that the fire engine delivered to fill their water tanks. We were able to buy bottled water to drink but flushing our toilet, washing ... continue reading ...

Fees and scholarships

Helping the children of blind beggars get to school

Blind Beggars Children
Councillor Sentu and John Kalowa with sponsored children

A very common sight in Makeni in 2009 was to see a young child [of school age] leading a blind relative around the town begging for money. This child through no fault of its own, is being denied an education and a childhood, so when we were introduced to ‘The Blind Beggars Association’ we decided we wanted to help those children. The ‘Blind ... continue reading ...

Sending containers

March 2013 – a third container …

We have just sent off our third container full of furniture and equipment for the University of Makeni and St Joseph’s School for the Hearing Impaired. We are very grateful for the generous support we have received from many areas.

March 2012 – Sending the second container from Sheffield to Makeni

IT equipment sent in the second container
IT equipment sent in the second container

On March 10th 2012 about a dozen willing volunteers arrived ... continue reading ...

Infrastructure projects

Makeni Trust Fund has directly supported several building projects including the following:

Storm Drain for Bombali School for the Blind, Panlap

Storm drain for Bombali School
Storm drain for Bombali School

In 2009 we were invited to visit The Bombali School for the Blind. We were impressed with the good solid brick and concrete building set in a quiet area called Panlap about three miles outside Makeni. However, we were quite shocked by the lack of resources. ... continue reading ...

Volunteer support

Fundraiser and Director’s Assistant – St Joseph’s School for the Hearing Impaired, Makeni


The Makeni Trust Fund has been pleased to support a succession of volunteers working as Fundraiser and Director’s Assistant at St Joseph’s School for the Hearing Impaired, Makeni, from August 2011.

Our volunteers have been asked to work to develop and maintain a fundraising strategy, to work on ... continue reading ...

Help with IT

Website for the University of Makeni

Website of the University of Makeni (UNIMAK)

May 2010 – At the request of the vice-chancellor we have developed and maintained a website for the university. It’s much easier for us to do this from the UK at the moment, because internet connections in Makeni are very slow and very unreliable.

In the first quarter of 2017 the site had more than 3,500 unique visitors per month.

The site has been developed ... continue reading ...