Strengthening science education at the University of Makeni


microscopesThe Makeni Trust Fund has been pleased to support Cambridge University Virology Professor Ian Goodfellow in a small way as he has established the new Infectious Diseases Research Laboratory at the University of Makeni (UNIMAK). Ian visits Makeni regularly and passes on his enthusiasm for science to students in Sierra Leone.

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students at UNIMAK ... continue reading ...

Possibly the best law library

In 2014, two UK solicitors’ firms, Ashfords and Freeth Cartwright, donated a large volume of law reports and text books to the UK Sierra Leone Pro Bono Network. These were shipped to the University of Makeni for free by Dawnus, an international construction company from Wales which was working in Sierra Leone.

A letter from the Vice Chancellor of UNIMAK said that the books would “help to put ... continue reading ...

Sheffield Masters students to carry out research at the University of Makeni

Alice Johnson and Yoon Young Cho

Alice Johnson and Yoon Young Cho

Two postgraduate Masters students from Sheffield University are preparing to travel to Sierra Leone in a few weeks to carry out research projects at the University of Makeni (UNIMAK). Alice Johnson and Yoon Young Cho are both studying Public Health and International Development in Sheffield University’s Geography Department.

Alice and Yoon chose to apply for a placement at the University ... continue reading ...

Ebola Legacy Lab will improve Sierra Leone’s Resilience to Future Epidemics

lab1The University of Makeni’s new Infectious Diseases Research Laboratory officially opens today. UNIMAK Scientists Raoul Emeric and Umaru Jah have already provided essential genetic sequencing support to allow the characterisation of the recently identified Ebola case in north Sierra Leone. The team of local scientists employed by UNIMAK, have been able to obtain the Ebola virus sequence ... continue reading ...

Makeni laboratory is leading further study of Ebola virus

News from

A team of British scientists, part of the international effort to curb further spread of the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone, has released its first dataset of the virus’ genetic structure online. The dataset will allow the global scientific community to monitor the pathogen’s evolution in real-time and conduct research that can lead to more effective strategies against ... continue reading ...

Boniface S Kamara – called to the Bar

188We congratulate our friend Boniface S Kamara. After many years of study, and over seven months after having passed the Bar final exams he finally saw his dream come true during the call to the Bar ceremony last Friday. He is now enrolled into the register of qualified Barristers and Solicitors of the High Court of Sierra Leone. Boniface was a great help to us when we were in Makeni and has ... continue reading ...

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