Who we are …

The Makeni Trust Fund has been actively supporting development projects in and around the city of Makeni, in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone, since 2009. It is a small registered charity based in Sheffield, UK.

Who are the trustees?
The trustees are all based in Sheffield, UK: Delia and Jon Kay, Tony and Ruth Mulcrone, Bob and Rosie Lyons, Pat Battams and Carolyn George. Collectively these people have many years experience in education, finance, and management, in the public and private sectors, and also in the voluntary sector. Delia and Jon were fortunate in working as volunteer development workers in Sierra Leone at the The Fatima Institute (now the University of Makeni) during 2009 and 2010.

What’s special about what the Makeni Trust Fund does?
While they were in Makeni, Delia and Jon met many good people working hard to make things better for people in this area, and it was relatively easy for them to see ways in which this work could be supported with funds, materials or equipment from the UK, and they were in a good position to facilitate this. The Makeni Trust Fund focuses on directly helping known people working directly in known project areas, especially education and health.

Who supports the Makeni Trust Fund?
From the time that Delia and Jon first went to Sierra Leone, they and the Makeni Trust Fund have received enormous support from their family, friends and colleagues, their parish in Sheffield, the Diocese of Hallam, the wider community of Sheffield and South Yorkshire, and schools and colleges in the Sheffield area and beyond. The education and training organisation Alkemy Gold Ltd (www.alps-va.co.uk) contribute significant funds to many of our projects. Some projects have been funded jointly with other organisations: including the charity Water for Kids (www.waterforkids.org.uk), Educaid (http://www.educaid.org.uk/), Caritas Italiana (www.caritasitaliana.it), Inter Care (https://intercare.org.uk/), and the Law Clinic of Kent University (https://www.kent.ac.uk/law/clinic/).

What public information is there about the Makeni Trust Fund?
Information is available on the UK Charity Commission website, including our latest Trustees Annual Report and Accounts.