Sending containers

March 2013 – a third container …

We have just sent off our third container full of furniture and equipment for the University of Makeni and St Joseph’s School for the Hearing Impaired. We are very grateful for the generous support we have received from many areas.

March 2012 – Sending the second container from Sheffield to Makeni

IT equipment sent in the second container
IT equipment sent in the second container

On March 10th 2012 about a dozen willing volunteers arrived at All Saints School, Sheffield to load our second container for Makeni. The operation was a lot slicker than last time as we had learnt from experience what to put where to make sure everything arrived safely.

A lot of the equipment in this container was very good quality. We had been given 30 flat screen computers from All Saints School that were only three years old. We had also purchased from Computer Aid 30 refurbished lap tops that once at the university would be given to lecturers to help them with their research and lecturing. We also loaded in the container printers, photocopiers, filing cabinets, chairs, science equipment and a lot more. The container made good progress in its journey [unlike last time] and arrived in Makeni on April 2nd.

We have received many emails of thanks but the best comment that stands out is that we are known for sending quality equipment that works, unlike some other organisations that off load outdated equipment that is broken and not repairable!


March 2011 – Sending the first container from Sheffield to Makeni University, Sierra Leone

Accumulating furniture in Sheffield
Accumulating furniture in Sheffield

When Delia and Jon Kay returned to the UK after doing voluntary work in The University of Makeni, Sierra Leone, they promised to send much needed equipment to enable the University to function more efficiently and provide an even better standard of certificate, diploma and degree courses for the students who are keen to get qualifications.

So for six months they and many of their friends asked around for unwanted filing cabinets, desks, chairs, computers, books etc etc and stored them in the basement of their parish church – The Mother of God, Sheffield.

Students of All Saints School loading the first container
Students of All Saints School loading the first container

Finally, on March 18th 2011 there was enough to fill a container, so All Saints pupils helped transfer everything donated to their site and the following morning Notre Dame pupils helped load the container. It was a freezing cold morning but over 20 pupils turned up at 7.30 am to cheerfully carry the heavy furniture and boxes. It was a great relief to see the doors close on the final stack of chairs.

A very big thank you to Bob Sawyer and Bernie Healy from All Saints, who provided pupil help and the premises for loading the container as well as 22 much needed computers and monitors; Notre Dame who donated books and pupils to load the container; Mgr Kilgannon for allowing us to store furniture under the parish room; the Wicker Chemist for furniture and transport; St Theresa’s Primary School for donating furniture and stationery and St Marie’s Primary for furniture and office equipment. Also a big thank you to everyone who helped in anyway.

Excitement as the container is unloaded at the University
Excitement as the container is unloaded at the University

The container left Sheffield on 19th March carrying 8.2 tonnes of equipment and materials for the University and for St Joseph’s school for the Hearing Impaired. Over the next few weeks it travelled via Liverpool, Antwerp, Las Palmas and Lome, finally arriving in Freetown port on 28th April.

There were some delays in getting the container released from the port, but it eventually arrived at the University on 16th June.

Immediately we received this photo with messages of grateful thanks from The Vice Chancellor, The University Administrator and one of the Lecturers.

“We are indeed grateful to you and all those who have helped in putting a container together for The University. It was truly like Christmas! The air of anticipation as each item was carried into the building was wonderful.”– Vice Chancellor

“When it was all unloaded Mr Tholley, the registrar, said ” Today I am really happy! These items will make a huge difference here!”” – Sister Rosanne, Lecturer.

“The container arrived on campus at about 12.30 am. The following morning both staff and students were curious to know the content of what was loaded in the container. To their surprise and admiration the first thing they set their eyes on, as I unlocked the container were chairs…. this called for a real celebration, not to mention the computers, books and anti-virus software.” – Emmanuel Turay, Administrator.


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