Volunteer support

Fundraiser and Director’s Assistant – St Joseph’s School for the Hearing Impaired, Makeni


The Makeni Trust Fund has been pleased to support a succession of volunteers working as Fundraiser and Director’s Assistant at St Joseph’s School for the Hearing Impaired, Makeni, from August 2011.

Our volunteers have been asked to work to develop and maintain a fundraising strategy, to work on an exciting and ambitious plan to raise an endowment fund for the school’s future, and to work closely with the school’s Director, Sister Mary Sweeney.

mercy mwauraThe latest volunteer in 2015 is Mercy Mwaura, who divides her time between St Joseph’s School and UNIMAK. She is funded jointly by the Makeni Trust Fund and another UK charity, Friends of St Joseph’s School.

To find out more about St Joseph’s School go to: http://www.st-josephs-hearing-impaired-school.com


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