Northern Province & Makeni

Business and Industry:

London Mining’s Iron Ore Mine at Marampa 
The Marampa mine is located 50km by road south-west of Makeni. For a while it employed close to 1,400 people in Sierra Leone and has iron ore reserves expected to support production for the next 40 years. With the price of iron ore falling to its lowest level since 2009, London Mining hit financial problems and went into administration in October 2014
Iron Ore Mine at Tonkolili
Tonkolili is situated 50km south east of Makeni and is a fully integrated iron ore mine with 13.6bn tonnes of resource. It is the second largest iron ore mine in Africa and one of the largest magnetite deposits globally, with a mine life estimated in excess of 60 years. Phase one capacity of 20mmtpa has been achieved with plans in place for expansion to 25mmtpa. Ore is transported from site via a single track rail system to the company’s own deep water port in Pepel near Freetown where it is shipped globally to customers. Operations ceased in 2014 when the project ran into financial difficulties. But on 22nd April 2015 Shandong Iron and Steel announced that it had acquired the 75 per cent stake in the Tonkolili Iron Ore mine in Sierra Leone it does not already own.
Following the acquisition of the stake previously owned by African Minerals (AML), Shandong now owns 100 per cent of the equity of Tonkolili as well as the associated infrastructure company African Port and Railway Services. Shandong now intends to take appropriate steps to return the mine to full production and to protect the assets against the imminent wet season. Operations officially reopened on 6th May 2015.
In March 2010 Dawnus began work on a major project in Sierra Leone. Dawnus’ section of the multi-billion pound project for African Minerals Ltd involves the construction of a logistics corridor to haul iron ore from a mine at Tonkolili to the nearest port at Pepel, 220km away. During the Ebola crisis in 2014 Dawnus announced: “We are committed to fighting the spread of the virus and have contributed to a number of initiatives to help relief efforts across the country”
Addax Bioenergy
Addax Bioenergy is developing a greenfield renewable energy and agriculture project at Makeni, Sierra Leone, that will produce bio-ethanol for export and domestic use, and “green” electricity for the national grid. Initiated in 2008, the project will become operational in 2013.
New oil finds off Sierra Leone
Oil has been found off the coasts of Liberia and Sierra Leone, energy companies have announced.

Other Agencies:

Save the Children
It’s an irony that Sierra Leone, one of the poorest countries in the world — decimated by 11 years of civil war, with one of the highest levels of infant mortality anywhere — is where we’ve achieved one of our biggest breakthroughs.
The Saint Lawrence Foundation
Saint Lawrence Foundation centres its efforts on supporting plans and actions in the field of education, with a view of nurturing new leaders capable of improving the quality of life of their people. The Foundation benefits from relations of special trust and also family ties with missionaries working there.
Street Child of Sierra Leone
Our Goal: The reduction of children living their lives on the street of Sierra Leone, one of the poorest countries in the world
“Quite possibly the world’s most worthwhile marathon”!
Kiln Group Limited, an international insurance and reinsurance underwriting group based in Lloyd’s, London,  celebrated its 50th year in 2012 by sponsoring a groundbreaking marathon in Makeni, in support of the charity, Street Child of Sierra Leone (SCoSL).  The marathon is planned to take place again in October 2015 in the stunning scenery of northern Sierra Leone (do follow the links for pictures even if you don’t think you’ll actually enter!)
Inclusive  education for blind children in Bombali District
Sat 08 Dec 12: Christmas came early this year: Powerful Information, a British charity specialising in grassroots international development, heard that their four year project on Inclusive Education for blind and visually-impaired children in Sierra Leone had been approved by Comic Relief. This is a joint initiative with Vision for the Blind and the Bombali School for the Blind in Makeni.