Sheffield Masters students to carry out research at the University of Makeni

Alice Johnson and Yoon Young Cho
Alice Johnson and Yoon Young Cho

Two postgraduate Masters students from Sheffield University are preparing to travel to Sierra Leone in a few weeks to carry out research projects at the University of Makeni (UNIMAK). Alice Johnson and Yoon Young Cho are both studying Public Health and International Development in Sheffield University’s Geography Department.

Alice and Yoon chose to apply for a placement at the University ... continue reading ...

New Diabetes Clinic in Makeni

The World Health Organisation (WHO) suggests that Diabetes in Sierra Leone – estimated at 65,000 sufferers in 2000 – will have almost trebled by 2030. Suffering from such diseases is much more of a problem in Africa because people don’t know about the disease, diagnosis is more difficult, and even when diagnosed, patients often can’t afford the medication.

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Ebola Legacy Lab will improve Sierra Leone’s Resilience to Future Epidemics

lab1The University of Makeni’s new Infectious Diseases Research Laboratory officially opens today. UNIMAK Scientists Raoul Emeric and Umaru Jah have already provided essential genetic sequencing support to allow the characterisation of the recently identified Ebola case in north Sierra Leone. The team of local scientists employed by UNIMAK, have been able to obtain the Ebola virus sequence ... continue reading ...

Update from St Joseph’s School for the Hearing Impaired

To all our great supporters, donors, families and friends,
As the end of the year approaches, we SJSHIlook back, rejoice and thank God for the wonderful response that Sierra Leone people have received.  We are truly grateful for the generosity that we have experienced from you all, right from the beginning of the Ebola crisis to the end and beyond. … Read more...


A disappointing setback

Our Correspondent Mercy Mwaura writes:

Schools are now back on and all is going well. The usual busy sounds can be heard filling the school grounds. There’s a feeling of things are back to normal and we’re almost forgetting the endless days of uncertainty that had gripped the country during the worst days of Ebola. But yesterday we were reminded that we still need to be vigilant when ... continue reading ...

Britain has reaffirmed its commitment to support the long term recovery of Sierra Leone

Speaking at the UN Secretary General’s International Conference on Ebola Recovery in New York, Justine Greening announced the UK government’s new two year package to support the government of Sierra Leone in its plan to recover from the outbreak.

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