New UK Ebola centres and labs in Sierra Leone

Britain’s Royal Engineers have now completed final building works on a further 5 Ebola treatment centres and handed them over to the charities that will run them, International Development Secretary Justine Greening has announced at the start of a 2 day visit to Sierra Leone.

Her announcement came during a visit to mark the opening of the Port Loko treatment centre, run by the NGO GOAL, which will ... continue reading ...

Maintaining support of the University of Makeni in its response to Ebola

We received the following report from the University of Makeni (UNIMAK)

“October 28, 2014                          

Update of UNIMAK’s response to the Ebola Crisis.

Due to the Ebola crisis in the country, the University of Makeni  has suspended classes till further instructions from the Government. However, administrative and academic staff  are engaged in the Ebola response.

UNIMAK  ... continue reading ...

Makeni Trust Fund supports Unimak in fighting Ebola

The Makeni Trust Fund has decided to send £5,000 immediately to the University of Makeni to support its work in the current crisis situation. Fr Joe Turay, Vice Chancellor, describes how the funds will be used: “Things have really taken a dramatic turn in the country after the death of the only virologist in the country. At the moment we are all on deck in fighting the disease.There is an Ebola task force in every town and village and we meet every morning for planning. Also the University was able to mobilize the diocese and we are all on board planning and working.Some of our students have formed volunteer groups to help in contact tracing and sensitization.Our Radio Maria and the communications department have prepared sensitization and awareness programs on the Ebola epidemic. We have decided to spend whatever funds now on : 1. Getting the basics..: chlorine , gloves and boots and protective gears. The prices of these basics have now become astronomic.  2. Support to setting up the isolation unit in Makeni. They have asked our Holy Spirit Hospital but indeed as Sister Nora told us yesterday that they are not prepared for that. I totally agree with her because there are no protective gears for the nurses and they are not trained. So they have decided to build one at the Government Hospital. We will help them. 3. Help our students who cannot go home to help in the sensitization and volunteering to help combat the disease . 4. We will also contribute towards fuel for the contact tracing .”

Essential Map of Makeni City Published

As part of their collaboration with the University of Makeni and Makeni City Council, the CEU San Pablo University, Madrid, Spain has published a detailed map of the city and its environs. As well as major religious buildings, hospitals and hotels, the map shows the location of the city’s 50 schools. Professor Luis Perea Moreno, who heads the team that worked on this, ... continue reading ...

Sheffield University linking with University of Makeni

We are delighted that the Department of Geography, University of Sheffield has accepted our invitation to help develop the research capability of the University of Makeni.Jonathan, Jessica and Deborah

Late last year we began conversations with Dr Deborah Sporton, who is actively involved in teaching on three postgraduate Masters programmes in International Development, where emphasis is placed on specialised teaching to ... continue reading ...