New Diabetes Clinic in Makeni

The World Health Organisation (WHO) suggests that Diabetes in Sierra Leone – estimated at 65,000 sufferers in 2000 – will have almost trebled by 2030. Suffering from such diseases is much more of a problem in Africa because people don’t know about the disease, diagnosis is more difficult, and even when diagnosed, patients often can’t afford the medication.

Clinic2With the help of a British doctor, Veronica Sawicki, and her charity Help Madina, a Diabetes Clinic has been set up by Dr. Patrick Turay at Holy Spirit Hospital in Makeni. The clinic now has over 200 registered patients. Makeni Trust Fund is providing testing strips to help with diagnosis, and Help Madina is providing insulin for a number of patients who need it.


Three registered patients of the new clinic

Frank, Peter and Mohammed have to have daily blood glucose measurements because they are on insulin lifelong. Monitoring of their sugars is absolutely vital for them to regulate the dosage of insulin provided free of charge using Help Madina funds. They have become friends united by the challenges that they and their families face living with diabetes in Sierra Leone.

Read more about Dr Veronica’s work, which has been highlighted in the alumnus report from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine:

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