Strengthening science education at the University of Makeni


microscopesThe Makeni Trust Fund has been pleased to support Cambridge University Virology Professor Ian Goodfellow in a small way as he has established the new Infectious Diseases Research Laboratory at the University of Makeni (UNIMAK). Ian visits Makeni regularly and passes on his enthusiasm for science to students in Sierra Leone.

In order from the top, the pictures show:

students at UNIMAK making good use of microscopes donated by Richmond Scientific,

public health students being taught a John Snow cholera epidemic exercise,

a morning microbiology class,

agar plates being “environmentally contaminated” under a tree ready for the practical microbiology class,

Abu from Educaid helping with the teaching of line graphs and  interpreting data. (Makeni Trust Fund also works with Educaid, who run a network of schools in Sierra Leone that provide distinctive, personalised, top-quality, holistic education.)

UNIMAK and EducAid demonstrators training in the laboratory ready for practical classes.

cholera lesson


line graphs



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