Medical Supplies for Holy Spirit Hospital

October 2018 shipment arrives at Holy Spirit Hospital.

Inter Care is a registered UK charity that sends high quality medical aid to rural health units in sub-Saharan Africa. We first contacted them at the end of 2016 when Holy Spirit Hospital in Makeni had suffered a serious fire that destroyed several buildings including the pharmacy store and all their drugs. Inter Care were very quick to step in and send a large amount of medicines and medical supplies to help them at this critical time, and our Trust was pleased to support this by contributing to the transport costs.

This cooperative link has continued since this time, and Inter Care’s regular supplies to Holy Spirit Hospital are very much appreciated. The latest shipment of seven boxes containing antibiotics, anti-allergy
and diarrhoea treatment alongside large quantities of hospital supplies such as cannula etc. arrived safely in October 2018.

Much valued medical supplies being checked in at the hospital.

Makeni Trust Fund contributed just over £800 to cover the shipping costs.

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