UK recommendations on Human Rights in Sierra Leone

The UK delivered this statement on Sierra Leone at the 38th Session of Universal Periodic Review (UPR), in May 2021, sharing recommendations to improve their human rights record.

The United Kingdom recognises Sierra Leone’s progress on human rights issues since its 2016 review, most notably in the field of media freedom. We call on Sierra Leone to ensure these principles of freedom of expression are protected in all future legislation including potential legislation on digital space.

The UK welcomes President Bio’s public commitment to abolish the death penalty. It is encouraging that Sierra Leone is taking tangible steps to abolish the death penalty from the statute books.

We recommend Sierra Leone:

  1. Criminalise forced marriage and provide ongoing support to victims of forced marriage and victims of modern slavery;
  2. Implement its public ambition to abolish the death penalty as soon as possible via promoting relevant legislation through parliament this year;
  3. Adopt an open, merit-based process when selecting national candidates for UN Treaty Body elections.

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