Holy Spirit Hospital, Masuba

IMG_0810In a country where there is an average of 4 qualified doctors for every 100,000 people, Holy Spirit Hospital offers the population of Makeni and the surrounding district uniquely excellent medical facilities with three fully qualified and experienced doctors of medicine, backed up by 50 nursing and supporting staff, who treat 300 in-patients and 1500 out-patients per month.

The facilities include Admission Wards with 70 beds, Theatre, Laboratory and Pharmacy, with a new Maternity Wing under development.

Jon was fortunate to work on a business plan with the director, Dr Patrick Turay, for a very short time in 2009. Following on from this, the hospital was identified as one of the key areas that would benefit from an improved water supply, so was included in our first borehole project.

DSCF147318 SurgeryRead more in this link to the hospital website

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