St Anthony’s School, Yifin

St Anthony's Secondary School, Yifin

St Anthony’s Secondary School, Yifin

The Koinadugu district in the north is one of the poorest of the country: eight people out of ten live in poverty (using the U.N. index). Health condition is one of the worst in the Country, due to the lack of structures and the low level of education. Yifin, a village situated at the extreme north of the Koinadugu district, is still suffering all the consequences of being completely destroyed during the rebel war. It is now being gradually rebuilt, thanks to the efforts of the community. Even though far from big towns, it is one of the most populated villages of the area – about 3000 people, but it faces a lot of difficulties, being isolated from the closest communities and lacking in terms of infrastructures like roads and communication networks (the community is using a radio system available just at a particular time during the day). Yifin is particularly hard to reach during the raining season. At this time it is reachable only with special transport.

The general lack of infrastructure makes it difficult to reach the few nearest educational institutions, obstructing the spread of literacy and, together with the high schools fees and costs of transport, obstructs also the spread of information about the proper use of drinking water. For all these reasons Yifin is considered one of the poorest villages within the district.

St Anthony’s Secondary School, with 520 students, is the only one in all the area, and a central point of reference for the inhabitants of the community and of the closest areas.

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