Boniface S Kamara – called to the Bar

188We congratulate our friend Boniface S Kamara. After many years of study, and over seven months after having passed the Bar final exams he finally saw his dream come true during the call to the Bar ceremony last Friday. He is now enrolled into the register of qualified Barristers and Solicitors of the High Court of Sierra Leone. Boniface was a great help to us when we were in Makeni and has ... continue reading ...

Latest report about our partners in Makeni

The current position of the Ebola Virus Disease around Makeni
Here in Makeni we were all very optimistic when the country started to record lower numbers of new cases and this trend has continued over the last couple of months countrywide.  There are now four districts that have had no positive cases recorded for over the official 42 days.  There are four other districts ... continue reading ...

University of Cambridge scientist is helping the efforts to contain the Ebola outbreak in Makeni


Ian Goodfellow, Professor of Virology, from the University of Cambridge’s Department of Pathology, is part of the team of volunteers coordinated by Public Health England (PHE) to assist in the construction and running of the laboratory in Makeni, 120 miles to the north-east of the capital, Freetown. The laboratory is one of three being built in the country under the supervision of the UK ... continue reading ...

Paul Currion* on the Long Term Effects of the Ebola Crisis

On 2 December, the World Bank issued a report revising growth projections for countries affected by Ebola, with both Sierra Leone and Guinea moving into the negative in 2015.

Across the three countries suffering the brunt of the epidemic, lost income in 2014-15 is estimated to be more than US $2 billion. Financial projections aren’t always reliable – the World Bank updates its predictions ... continue reading ...

The Bishop of Hallam on a Desert Island

Flyer2On February 14th the lucky people of Sheffield will have a chance to hear the Desert Island discs chosen by Ralph Heskett, the new Bishop of Hallam, while enjoying probably the finest Pie and Pea Supper available in the city.

The proceeds of this evening will go to help rebuild communities in Sierra Leone recovering from the Ebola crisis.

... continue reading ...

Good News at last – Ebola is coming under control in Makeni.

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Makeni, Fr Joe Turay, writes today: “The situation in our country has improved drastically and we are now talking about the reopening of schools and colleges. As of yesterday there were only nineteen cases of infection reported throughout the country. Bombali district, of which Makeni is the headquarter town, has reported zero or two cases for the past month. In our view we have passed the peak moments and it could be time to help in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of lives and properties.” . . See the Government of Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and Sanitation: EBOLA VIRUS DISEASE – SITUATION REPORT – 13 JANUARY, 2015

A very generous parish

In their Christmas crib offerings the very generous parishioners of St Wilfrid and Mother of God church, Sheffield, gave £2,305 to help the people of Makeni cope with the difficult Ebola crisis. Through many different activities this parish has given enthusiastic support to developments in Makeni for over six years.